Made in East Texas: Pavement Tool Manufacturers Inc. in Big Sandy

Published on Sunday, 20 April 2014 23:50 - Written by

MAKER: Pavement Tool Manufacturers Inc. in Big Sandy

BACKGROUND: Pavement Tool Manufacturers Inc. was formed in 1990 from Pavement Maintenance Supply Co., which was founded in 1984 by Bud Smith. He wanted to manufacture asphalt contractor quality tools and stencils and make them available through short runs and UPS to places where tools were not available or did not exist. Today, most of the tools are readily available through contractor supply houses, mail order catalogues, paint and sign stores and other product equipment manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada. Pioneers of the stencil and pavement tool industry, the company remains family owned, according to .

PRODUCTS: Pavement Tool manufactures and sells tools and stencils to distributors in all 50 states and Canada and plans to keep growing. Items include crack filling tools, stencils for wording, pavement scrapers, driveway squeegees, neoprene blades, rakes and other tools. All Pavement Tool products manufactured for the contractor market, are of contractor grade, and have been tested by time in the field at the application they were intended for, the website states.

CONTACT: At 6339 Scrub Pine Road in Big Sandy, Pavement Tool can be reached at 903-734-7531 or .