Groundbreaking ceremony for Grand Manor apartments' expansion postponed

Published on Tuesday, 4 March 2014 11:43 - Written by


The groundbreaking ceremony for Grand Manor apartments' $6.5 million renovation project set for today has been postponed because of the weather.

When the event will be rescheduled has not been announced.

The property, at 2700 N. Grand Ave., is 60 years old and was formerly Texas College Apartments. A year ago, the apartments changed owners to Odyssey Residential, of Dallas, which is changing its name to Victor Park Apartments.

Apartment Manager Robin LaGrone said it has been awarded tax credits for low-income housing and was approved for $6.5 million in renovations for the 120-unit complex. They include a new sidewalk, parking lots, roof, HVAC system, stairway, windows and gutting the interiors of the residences for complete makeovers. They will also add a 3,000-square-foot clubhouse, swimming pool, a computer center, two playgrounds, basketball court and gates around the entire property, she said.

During construction, tenants are staying at hotels or with friends. She said they plan to move residents back into the renovated complex starting April 1. Ms. LaGrone said they expect the complete project to last nine to 12 months, depending on the weather.