Made In East Texas: Triumph Structures

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MAKER: Triumph Structures — East Texas, Inc. in Kilgore


BACKGROUND: A.P. Merritt Sr. founded Triumph Structures — East Texas in 1928 as Merritt Tool Co. (MTC), a small, family-owned business. Its early success was launched by the manufacturing of the “gold fishtail” bit used to drill hundreds of oil wells in East Texas. MTC was awarded its first government contract in 1949 to repair and manufacture bomb-loading carts at Kelly Air Force Base. In 1968, A.P. Merritt Jr. became president of MTC. In 1987, the company won a government contract to manufacture retract arms for the C-5 tanker. It also became involved with the initial production of Boeing’s V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft. In 2009, the Merritt family merged the company with Triumph Group and established Triumph Structures — East Texas Inc.

Triumph Group Inc. has headquarters in Berwyn, Penn., and manufactures and overhauls aerospace structures, systems and components. Operating in 64 locations worldwide, it designs, engineers, manufactures, repairs and overhauls a broad portfolio of aerostructures, aircraft components, accessories, subassemblies and systems. Triumph consists of 45 specialized manufacturing companies.


CAPABILITIES: Triumph Structures — East Texas’ hard-metal products include wing-attach fittings, landing gear axels, drag braces and pistons, structural frames, high-pressure cylinders, fluid ends, transfer cases and valves for the energy market, according to . Committed to high-speed machining technology, it supplies a broad range of wing panels, fuselage frames, bulkheads, ribs and webs. The company has 11 CNC lathes ranging in size to serve oil and gas and the aerospace industries. Used for nesting and near-net periphery cuts, its waterjet has enabled enhanced throughput, cycle-time reductions, scrap savings and cost reductions.


OPERATIONS: The local facility consolidated its assembly operations into a 2,200-square-foot area. Leading the charge for its lean manufacturing effort, the assembly team has realized reductions in space and developed standardized processes, as well as lean delivery methods, the website states.


CONTACT: At 703 Old Gladewater Highway in Kilgore, the business can be reached at 903-983-1592 or