Personal shopper can handle all your food needs, errands

Published on Sunday, 23 February 2014 22:06 - Written by Casey Murphy,

Jamie Osteen enjoys the fast-paced schedule of running errands for others.

For about 20 years, she worked as a personal assistant for a family in the Dallas area. She said she started by keeping house for a woman, which turned into running errands for her, her daughter and granddaughters through the years.

“You name it, I did it,” she said. “I enjoyed it. It was very fast-paced.”

Ms. Osteen, 51, said what she liked most about the job was helping people.

That led her to become the associate owner for Tyler of the nationwide grocery delivery business,

Ms. Osteen grew up in Plano and lived in Cedar Creek Lake before moving to Tyler four years ago. She always wanted to own a business and was researching online when she came across

She bought the Tyler territory and began putting herself out there a couple of weeks ago. On Monday, she got her first client.

“She was so excited to find me,” she said of the woman who is a temporary shut-in from having surgery. “She definitely needs me. I was excited to hear that.”

Ms. Osteen said she is trying to target temporary shut-ins, as well as disabled people, senior citizens and disabled veterans, whom, she said, get a discount. She is also targeting hotels for people visiting Tyler.

She said with, she will do more that grocery shop. She will also pick up dry cleaning or medicine, flowers, packages or gift shop.

“I will do just about anything,” she said. “There’s not really an errand I won’t run for you.”

Ms. Osteen said she will not deliver fast food.

For now, it’s just her running errands, but she hopes to grow the business to the point “where I have to hire a boatload of people.”

Her fianc←, Travis Peebles, whom she has been with for more than five years and plans to marry in April, helps with her emails and bookkeeping.

Ms. Osteen handles all of the errands and will work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. She’s not opposed to Sundays either, she added.

“I think this is going to take off,” she said. “I’m living and learning a lot of things.”

She runs errands in the Tyler area but wants to extend her services to Holly Lake Ranch, where she lives, and Hideaway Lake.

People can place their order for delivery up to seven days ahead of time and there is no registration fee. Customers are charged a modest shopping and delivery charge, she said.

“I really do enjoy working with the public,” Ms. Osteen said.

When she’s not running errands for other people, she enjoys her four grandchildren, gardening, golfing and sports in general. She is a self-proclaimed football fanatic, with her favorite teams being The University of Texas and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Growing up close to the Dallas Cowboys, she said she prefers their rivals because of a “long running affair with Terry Bradshaw.”

Ms. Osteen can be reached at 903-681-7585. For more, visit