Made In East Texas, February 24

Published on Sunday, 23 February 2014 22:04 - Written by

MAKER: Robroy Industries in Gilmer

BACKGROUND: Robroy Industries, with headquarters in Verona, Penn., built or acquired numerous manufacturing facilities throughout the country, serving diverse industries. In 1995, the company was divided into distinct operations, each with its own management team. Today, the organization consists of two business lines: Robroy Industries Electrical Products Division and Robroy Industries Oilfield Products Division. Products for both divisions are manufactured at its Gilmer facility, while others are made in Avinger, Odessa and Belding, Mich.

PRODUCTS: Robroy applies PVC coating to conduit pipe and associated fittings. Electrical products made in Gilmer include Plasti-Bond, Perma-Cote and KorKap. Oilfield products in Gilmer include Duoline Technologies.

Plasti-Bond, Perma-Cote and KorKap are PVC coated rigid metal conduits that provide resistance to corrosion, according to . Duoline Technologies provides a premium internal corrosion resistant lining system proven to extend the lives of oilfield tubulars. There has been more than 100 million feet installed worldwide.

CONTACT: The facility is at 1100 U.S. Highway 271 South in Gilmer. For more, visit ; ; ; ; or .