Planet Fitness moving into old movie theater

Published on Sunday, 9 March 2014 18:26 - Written by

Planet Fitness is moving into the former movie theater at 2747 E. Fifth St.

TMM Investments Ltd. is remodeling the 22,105-square-foot interior to change the vacant movie theater into a fitness center. Woodcrest Construction, of Fort Worth, is the contractor for the $850,000 project.


Target is undergoing a $1.1 million renovation.

About 9,144 square feet of the store, at 7003 S. Broadway Ave., will be affected. Work includes a new market area on the sales floor, new freezer/coolers in the stock room, remodel the food avenue, new fitting rooms, new Starbucks, new roof top units for market area, repair exterior paint, new red bollards on sidewalk and update ADA. Target Corp., of Minneapolis, Minn., is the owner and Curtom Dunsmuir, of Inglewood, Calif., is the contractor.

Genecov Group is replacing the driveway and sidewalk at Brookside Village, at 531 WSW Loop 323, for $7,500. Sentry General Contractors Inc. is the contractor.


Sign permits were filed by Gordmans, 8950 S. Broadway Ave., $10,480, Design Center Signs; Harbor Freight Co., 3819 SSW Loop 323, $2,100, Design Center Signs; West Vision Optical, 2547 Elkton Trail, $2,661, Leon’s Signs Inc.; and Mike Pile Auto Group, 2401 WSW Loop 323, $1,106, Leon’s Signs.

There also was a commercial temporary power permit filed by Bosworth Insurance at 1818 WSW Loop 323.


McKinney Homes Inc., of Flint, is building a 2,274-square-foot house at 783 Hampton Hill Drive for $300,000.

Conaway & Sons Ltd., of Whitehouse, is constructing a 2,649-square-foot home at 9245 Quiet Water for $235,113.

Wesley McLane is adding a 1,935-square-foot garage and storage at 4323 Westbluff Court for $75,000.

Peerless Pools & Spas Inc., of Lindale, is putting in a $35,000 pool at 4410 Richmond Road.

Randy and Jackie Morrison are building a detached shop in their back yard at 3312 Pinecreek Drive for $32,000. Mike Sanders Homes, of Bullard, is the contractor.

Kevin Olson is updating a kitchen with cabinets and countertops and relocating a water heater and washer/dryer at 1116 S. Chilton Ave. for $20,000. Cannon Construction is the contractor.

Patrick Carter filed for approval for construction on Lake Tyler East to build a 1,632-square-foot single-family dwelling at 163835 Lakeview Drive. Southwest Homes of Texas Inc. is the contractor.

Teresa Waggener filed for approval for construction on Lake Tyler to build a pool at 13895 Peninsula Road in Whitehouse. Flamingo Bay Pools is the contractor.

Franklin Barker filed for approval for construction on Lake Tyler to tear down an old structure at 13295 S. Hillcreek Road in Whitehouse.

Yes Communities/Shiloh Pines filed permits for four mobile homes at 2525 Shiloh Road. Troy McGraw is the contractor.

Driveway permits were filed by Nacho Concrete for 7636 Lakeside, 310 and 314 Ambrose and 2400 Rodge Drive; by Martin Martinez for 3922 and 3934 McDonald Road and 3905 University Drive; by Ross Asphalt & Concrete for 1526 N. Winona; by Gonzalez Concrete for 3812 Grand Oak Circle; and by RVP Construction for 2300 E. Fifth St.

There also was one temporary gas permit and eight HVAC permits filed.