Smith County jury duty scam calls still being made today, Sheriff's office says

Published on Tuesday, 14 January 2014 15:07 - Written by

An individual claiming to be with the Smith County Sheriff's Office is contacting individuals claiming that they owe fines for missing jury duty. This is a scam and the person is not connected to the Sheriff’s Office.

Since Monday, four additional Smith County citizens have been contacted by a man claiming to be collecting fines for not showing up for jury duty. A Smith County woman was allegedly taken for $500 through the same scam tactics reported on January 13. There are currently no outstanding warrants related to any jury summons and no one from the Smith County Sheriff's Office or any other law enforcement agency is collecting fines by phone. If you are contacted by the man perpetrating this scam, please note the phone number and contact the Smith County Sheriff's Office immediately.

Recently, a man contacted an individual in the Whitehouse area saying that they owed a fine for missing jury duty. He instructed the individual to go to a local pharmacy and buy a pre-paid money card, and then call back with the numbers on the back of the card.

The individual did as instructed, but was then contacted again by the man saying that the card did not go through and that they would need to purchase another and call back with the new numbers. Before the person called back with the second set of numbers, they spoke with the Whitehouse Police Department, who told them it was a scam.

Everyone who receives a jury summons should report for jury duty as instructed, but no member of the Smith County Sheriff's Office or any other law enforcement agency will contact a citizen and ask for a fine to be paid in this manner.

Anyone who receives a similar call is asked to contact the Smith County Sheriff's Office immediately at 903-566-6600.