UPDATE 8:50PM: Unofficial voting totals show 2 Precincts well on their way to approval

Published on Tuesday, 5 November 2013 20:54 - Written by

Unofficial voting totals show two alcohol propositions to legalize beer and wine sales in Justice of the Peace Precincts 1 and 4 are well on their way to approval.

Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, which lies mostly within the Tyler city limits but just outside the limits to the west and northwest, 68.7 percent or 354 votes “for,” to 31.3 percent or 161 votes “against.”

Unofficial voting totals on a beer and wine proposition in Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 show 63.2 percent or 479 votes “for” to 36.8 percent or 279 votes “against.”

Precinct 4 boundaries run north of Tyler on the east side of County Road 35 (Lavender Road) and on the north and east side of Loop 323 down the northeast side of Texas Highway 64 to New Chapel Hill, then runs east to the north side of Overton.

Precinct 4 voters rejected legalizing beer and wine sales twice.

Voters rejected alcohol in May 2009, 52.71 percent, or 1,461 votes, to 47.29 percent, or 1,311 of 2,772 total votes. They denied sales a second time in November 2010 by 50 votes, 2,350 to 2,300, or 50.55 percent to 49.45 percent.

Polls closed at 7 p.m.