Contrary to rumor, tonight's Lee vs. John Tyler football game not yet sold out

Published on Friday, 13 September 2013 09:55 - Written by By Kenneth Dean

There is no truth to the rumor this morning on Facebook and other social media that tonight's Robert E. Lee and John Tyler high school football game is sold out, according to Tyler ISD athletic director Rod Kaspar.

"In my recollection, the game has not sold out before game time in the past," he said. "We do believe, however, that we will sell out tonight."

Kaspar said that the Tyler ISD athletic department at the Plyler Educational Complex, 807 W Glenwood Blvd., will be selling tickets until 1 p.m. today. Two other locations - Mr. T's grocery in north Tyler, and Tyler Athletics in south Tyler - are also selling tickets. 

"We have been fielding phone calls all morning, but we are assuring people we have plenty of tickets. There are 11,400 and we are nowhere near selling that many seats at this point."