UPDATE: Driver avoids being hit by other car by darting under vehicle

Published on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 15:31 - Written by

LINDALE (KYTX) - Some quick thinking by the driver of a car involved in an accident kept her from being struck by another vehicle when she darted underneath her SUV.

Lindale Police told CBS 19 that the driver of the SUV lost control on I-20 and had just stepped out of her vehicle when she noticed another car lose control heading towards her. 

Police said she avoided being hit by sliding under her vehicle.

The woman's SUV was not hit by the other vehicle, according to police.

The accident happened Wednesday afternoon on I-20 around mile marker 552, just west of Lindale.

The roads were wet at the time of the accident.

Lindale police dispatchers said westbound traffic was backed up from mile marker 550 to marker 553 in Lindale because of several small accidents.