Palestine city officials say they'll develop improvement plan for police department

Published on Tuesday, 10 June 2014 11:52 - Written by KENNETH DEAN,

Palestine City Manager Wendy Ellis released a press statement in regards to the controversy surrounding Police Chief Robert Herbert and a survey that shows members of his department have zero confidence in him and his managerial skills.

The city council met last night to discuss the survey and met in executive session to decide the chief's fate with the city. 

"The chief of police and the city council heard a great deal of comment regarding the issues in the police department. There were also a large number of comments regarding the positive steps the chief and the department have made to improve community relations. The city council and the city manager will take immediate steps to work with the chief of police, and the line officers, to improve operation of the police department and to develop an improvement plan to address the specific issues facing the department."