Tyler council approves plan to enhance Brick Street Village

Published on Wednesday, 26 March 2014 10:32 - Written by By KELLY GOOCH, kgooch@tylerpaper.com

Tyler city council this morning approved a commercial corridor overlay for Brick Street Village, an area that is bordered by Dobbs Street, Chilton Avenue, Charnwood Street and South Broadway Avenue.

City of Tyler Planning Director Heather Nick has said Brick Street Village is a nice place to visit, particularly during the Azalea and Spring Flower Trail, and the neighborhood group of residents and commercial property owners is trying to brand the area.

"The neighborhood group wants to establish an identity and brand for their unique area of Tyler. They have really worked hard…to involve their neighbors to establish criteria for the overlay district to accomplish their goals," she wrote in an email.

According to a presentation on the proposed Brick Street Commercial Corridor Overlay, some improvements have been made in Brick Street Village over the years, such as curb improvements and landscaping, and the area has hosted various activities, including Brick Street Stroll in December.

Rhonda Reuter, owner of Crafts and Quilting, Etc., has said the neighborhood group wants to revitalize the area and encourage people to come to Brick Street Village, while also collaborating with the city.

Plans for that effort include a Brick Street Village logo, designed by resident Kyle Carter; "installing old fashioned street lamps, banners, benches and flower pots;" providing "pedestrians and bicyclists safe, comfortable and attractive access to sidewalks, crosswalks and private properties, while accommodating automobiles;" and increasing "economic opportunities within the district and the city of Tyler," according to a presentation.

"We don't want to change the look of our area. What we want to do is enhance," Ms. Reuter has said.

DJ Ferguson, of Carriage House Gallery, previously said, "Our whole purpose is we love the area. We want it to be thriving and economically sound."

Marly Meyer, owner of Encore Consignment Furniture and Estate Sales, has described Brick Street Village as "a different laid back old historic ambiance."

"And that's what we're trying to turn this little area into is the old fashioned, inviting, come-shop kind of thing," she said earlier this year.

Ms. Reuter said many people frequent businesses in the Brick Street Village area, and she and others are excited.

“I think it’s a real important step in future planning…,” she said.

“I think it’s a good thing for the city.”

Ms. Nick called it "a good example of a public/private partnership."