Is It Just Me? Why chaos and order coexist peacefully

Published on Saturday, 2 December 2017 16:00 - Written by NELSON CLYDE,

It’s that magical time of year again.

You know the one.

People start getting sick and coughing on each other.

Panic sets in with many over completing Christmas shopping or at a minimum making lists.

The weather fluctuates between 80 and 35 making even more people cough.

Kids take midterms or finals and come home sick, exhausted and with loads of dirty laundry. If boys bring laundry home it is wise to triage the specimens outside and throw anything growing black mold directly in the trash. If it’s your last child you’ll probably be wearing protective gloves and a facemask. Experience brings wisdom.

If you’re like me, you may find certain tasks only get done when you really need to be doing something else. When I wrote this yesterday, it was really the only thing I had to do. I was officially on my second full relapse of being sick in the last three weeks and avoiding engagement.

In the chaos of my mind, several attractive projects captured my attention. My Pyrex dishes have been unacceptably arranged in a cabinet under the counter. Finding the ones with lids and attaching those was step one. Then getting the ones that fit in the silver holders from Thanksgiving dinner was next. Finally organizing what was left by size seemed to make the most sense.

When my kids came home for Thanksgiving, I was bragging about the level of order in my residence when Sarah pointed out the coffee cups were in a cabinet 10 feet away from the coffee maker. We commenced to fix the issue immediately and she said she and Rachel had been concerned about the issue for some time and that Rachel would be pleased. She was.

Once the coffee cups were properly deployed, it left me with quite a mess of my Pyrex food storage containers. They are now ordered in such a sickening way I’m certain it would even put a grin on Martha Stewart’s face.

After cleaning out the fridge, it was obviously time to empty the trash. To my horror the bag had leaked. There was nothing left to do but take the liner in the bathroom and wash it out with soapy water. This is the thing my kids make the most fun of me about, except when I fall asleep in my chair at 8:20 p.m. and they start taking pictures of me snoring to send their friends in a Snapchat story.

A clean trash can in the middle of your kitchen is a must. Who wants to smell old food or worse in the kitchen while preparing a meal?

The point is, once I got all of that angst out of my field of vision I was finally able to sit down and write the darned column.

Chaos and order cannot only coexist; I would submit they need each other.