Snoozing or losing: Does hitting the snooze button hurt you or help you

Published on Friday, 29 September 2017 17:53 - Written by NELSON CLYDE,

If you snooze do you lose?

You can probably see where this is going. The first awareness I recall of having a snooze bar was when I got my first digital alarm clock.

It had to be in my teens because, prior to that time in my life, I went to bed at such a reasonable hour I really didn’t need an alarm to wake up at a particular time ‑‑ unless it was to go duck hunting and then dad got everybody up because he was so excited.

You have to wonder, for all the productivity people have located in streamlining the workplace, have they overlooked the sleep-place?

Several things to note on this topic come to mind.

For instance, two people in the same cubicle arrive at work after a night of rest. One of them woke up as soon as the alarm went off, had some coffee and breakfast, read the paper and came to work on time. The other one hit the snooze bar multiple times, faded into what felt like an even deeper slumber, got dressed with mismatched socks and shoes, drove through Taco Bell for breakfast and coffee and slid into the office 11 minutes late, carrying what they didn’t eat and drink in the car on the way in.

Which one is more likely to have a productive day? In our business, you could argue whether they worked in advertising or news could change the answer.

Does the bonus sleep you get after hitting the snooze bar give you a higher or lower quality of rest?

Do you dream more while you are snoozing?

What is the cost to the GDP of the U.S. from the lost productivity of the snoozers (if any)?

Can you buy a digital alarm clock without a snooze feature?

Do you dream more before or after hitting snooze?

Should people only be allowed to have a clock with a snooze feature once they begin to receive Social Security? You would think Medicare would cover it.

Are liberals or conservatives more likely to snooze?

If I could rewind the tape of my life, there is no doubt in my mind the snooze feature has cost me dearly. Missed appointments, lost productivity and the list goes on and on. If I could go back and just get up instead of hitting the button and rolling back into blissful slumber, I likely would have been better off.

Now the problem is, if I set the alarm after 6 a.m., I’m usually up before it goes off. My coffee pot starts brewing around 5:45 and my body just can’t sleep the way it could back in the day.

Any snooze disasters in your life you’d care to share? If so, please send to