Athletic boy is hoping to be adopted

Published on Thursday, 6 April 2017 12:40 - Written by GILLIAN SHERIDAN,

He’s been waiting a long time for a forever family. In this edition of CBS 19’s Children are a Gift, Darius shares how a rough start in life has affected him, and he’s hoping things will be better once he is adopted.

Darius enjoys basketball. It’s his favorite activity. Whether on the court or on a trampoline at iJump in Tyler, which is where we were for this story, he could shoot hoops for hours.

“I want a family that plays sports, that will let me play sports and be in sports,” Darius said.

This 12-year-old seems shy at first, but it just takes him some time to get to know you. He’s a polite, spirited and charismatic young man, but says years in foster care have not been easy.

“I’ve been going through home after home after home because, sometimes, I cause problems,” he said.

It’s a result of his past, but Darius is working on his behavior both at home and at school. He’s in the fifth grade and requires extra help with homework.

Darius needs a firm family that will help him through his issues while giving him stability, structure and affection. He’s looking forward to a better life.

“I would bring joy and happiness to their family,” he said.

Darius would do best as the youngest child in a family, and he desires an opportunity to reach his potential.

“I want a family that will treat me right,” he said. “I want a family that is nice and that will let me go visit my siblings sometimes.”

Those siblings include two brothers, 9-year-old Deuntaye and 8-year-old Derion. Darius is not being placed with his brothers, so keeping in touch is important to him. In next week’s Children are a Gift we will introduce you his brothers who are also looking for a forever family.

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