Nelson Clyde's Is It Just Me column: The best chocolate pie ever

Published on Saturday, 7 January 2017 15:05 - Written by NELSON CLYDE,

“Mr. Clyde. Are you gonna come and get your things?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m so glad you called. I never want to assume anything, you know.”

“Well, I’ll be here when you get here.”

It was the one call on Christmas Eve day that made me “little boy on Christmas morning” excited.

Laverne Madlock was giving me the signal to come and pick up some of the finest cakes and pies ever known to mankind.

She was one of the Texas College ladies. A group once led by the legendary Willie Lee Glass. In fact when Willie Lee was living Laverne would drive her to the newspaper to conduct any business she had.

In the early days she would pop in and ask for my dad or granddad but often she arrived earlier than they did. “Well then just let me talk to that young Clyde boy.” And they would fetch me.

Mrs. Glass was loaded with personality and you could say Laverne was the straight man of the two.

Willie Lee and I would carry on together and Laverne would just smile and chuckle. For many years dad and I would go to the Glass residence to pick up our goodies. But after she passed Laverne would make the call.

She was so quiet and unassuming it almost seemed a labor for her to speak. It occurred to me at some point that Laverne had probably been doing a good deal of the work while Willie Lee got most of the credit. It was a good partnership

In later years I would take the kids and she would have a special small pound cake for them. If, for some reason they couldn’t make it she would say “Don’t you want one of these for your son?”

“Yes ma’am.”

The pound cakes were perfect. Then there was the eggnog cake. It was unlike anything I’ve ever had. I feel certain the liquor she used in it was the only liquor ever in her residence. But the chocolate pies. OMG!

Something about that chocolate pie was different. Helen Corbett would have done well to get the recipe from Laverne. Eltife and I decided it had a hint of coconut mixed in the chocolate. Everything about it was perfect. It was one of the things that made Christmas complete.

Once my precious cargo was in tow I would make the deliveries to the rest of the family and Eltife. He got on a health kick at one point that made the delivery to him seem wasted but I knew his little son Jack wanted and appreciated it as much as I did.

Laverne was not the most prominent woman in town but she was a beloved fixture in our lives.

After declining health for many years I read her obituary late last month but was out of town and missed her services. She was a kind and gentle woman who made many unseen differences in this community.

May she rest in peace.