Madison, 10, needs forever family in East Texas

Published on Wednesday, 4 January 2017 17:12 - Written by Gillian Sheridan

Madison just turned 10 years old and she's hoping she can celebrate her next birthday with her forever family. We took her for an afternoon outing at Tyler’s Caldwell Zoo.

"I want to see lions and snakes and spiders and ducks," Madison said excitedly. She hopes to have a pet of her own one day."I want a cat and a dog," she said. I want the cat to be named Daisy and the dog to be named Nemo. I like animals a lot!"Madison is a beautiful young lady with an outgoing personality. She enjoys video games, movies, music and dolls. She also likes to stay active."Sometimes in foster care we've been going to fun places,” Madison said. “We've been going to Six Flags and swimming and we've been going to see our friends. I've played two sports and that is soccer and softball."Madison needs guidance to stay on task. She thrives with attention and positive reinforcement. "Well, sometimes I'm quiet and sometimes I'm loud and sometimes I get angry," shared Madison.

That anger comes from a lot of uncertainty in her young life and it's affecting her academically."I've had to move like eight schools. I'm in 4th -grade and math and science and stuff is hard."But Madison is making a lot of progress with her behavior now that she has some stability and security in foster care."I feel loved because I know the foster parents love me and I know that I love them."She looks forward to the day that she can have a permanent home through adoption. She needs a forever family who will provide consistent boundaries and patience as she makes the transition.Madison said, “It means for me to have a forever family where I get to stay with them forever." To learn more about Madison, join Gillian Sheridan for her Children are a Gift report Tuesday night on CBS19 News at 6 and Wednesday on CBS19 This Morning. You can get information about East Texas children waiting for a forever family by calling 903-533-4242 or emailing