At A Theater Near You: 'Thor' appears to be a big step above the original movie

Published on Friday, 8 November 2013 00:03 - Written by By Stewart Smith

What’s new in theaters this week? Take a look.


“Thor: The Dark World”

What’s it about? Thor (Chris Hemsworth) reunites with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in order to face off against an ancient evil that threatens to destroy the very fabric of reality.

Will it be good? I enjoyed the first “Thor,” but it hasn’t held up well on subsequent viewings. Much of that has to do with a rather skimpy budget and the often questionable stylistic choices of director Kenneth Branagh. This, however, looks to be a significant step above the original, thanks in large part to the directorial hand of Alan Taylor, who’s done a lot of work on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” It looks big and epic and filled with fantasy in a way that the first film simply lacked. Should be fun.

Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some suggestive content.

“About Time”

What’s it about? Tim (Domhall Gleeson) learns from his father (Bill Nighy) that all the men in his family have the unique ability to travel back in time. Tim at first uses this to go back and find an ever-elusive girlfriend, but things aren’t quite as easy as he initially thinks.

Will it be good? The driving concept is a little weird for a romantic comedy that isn’t focused on slapstick and played entirely straight, but the trailers for this thing make it seem unavoidably charming and with a verve and sense of fun about it that give the impression this could become a new minor classic within the genre.

Rated R for language and some sexual content.