HCPAC plans stage readings for Texan Carl Williams' plays

Published on Thursday, 28 August 2014 23:12 - Written by Marcia Colbert Special Correspondent

Editor’s Note: Marcia Colbert is the executive director of Henderson County Performing Arts Center.


Beginning Sept. 11, Henderson County Performing Arts Center in Athens, in association with Steve Grant Realty and Document Solutions, will present three new comedies by a favorite Texas playwright, Carl L. Williams.

The plays will be presented as staged readings. The actors will be fully invested in their characters, as always, but there will be no set, no costumes and they will not move around on the stage. Instead, they will read their parts from the script while seated on a stool.

It is a little like listening to an old radio show. The audience gets to imagine the action, sets and costumes.

New plays are often done in this format to see if a theater would like to do a full production. After hearing the plays, the audience may want to see full productions in the future. This style of presentation also gives an opportunity to actors and directors who might not be able to invest the demanding eight-week commitment to a full-blown rehearsal and performance schedule.

Two new directors and several actors who have never been on the HCPAC stage before or have been away for an extended period will appear.


Play Readings

The schedule of the shows is as follows:

Sept. 11 and 20: “A Little Off the Top.” With the help of a toupee salesman, Steve and Jerry, two lonely balding bachelors, find a perfect toupee with which to attract women. The only problem is that they don’t have enough money to buy it. Desperate for hair, they purchase a used toupee that was repossessed from a dead man and decide to take turns wearing it.

The new toupee gives Steve and Jerry a confidence boost and they soon meet two lovely ladies. Romance is in the air until both girlfriends show up at Jerry and Steve’s house at the same time. With two bald men and just one toupee, things get a bit hairy for Steve and Jerry.

Sept. 12, 14 and18: “The Widow in Mink.” A recent widow discovers she is wealthy and tries to adjust to her new life. She joins a widows’ club but finds herself pursued by her late husband’s greedy business partner. Her worried niece seeks to protect her while stalling her own relationship with the rich young man who keeps proposing. Wealth and wisdom clash in a search for common ground and common sense.

Sept. 13 and 19: “Coming Back to Jersey.”

Howard, a middle-aged tailor, indulges in daydreams to escape his humdrum existence. Norma, his suspicious wife, believes he is fantasizing about Dorothy, a sexy widow friend, so she comes up with a scheme to have Dorothy passionately flirt with Howard to test his fidelity. But Norma’s plan backfires when Howard retaliates by conniving with Dorothy to turn the trick around.



If you plan to go ...

-- HCPAC season ticket-holders may see all shows and on one flex ticket.

--Those without season tickets may see one show for $17 and attend others for $8.50 each.

--For reservations, call 903-675-3908 or go to hcpac.org.