ETexan pursues acting dream in The Big Apple

Published on Thursday, 22 May 2014 23:03 - Written by Cheril Vernon MCT Direct News Service

PALESTINE — Oakwood native Dorell Anthony is living the dream.

Living in New York City since 2010, Anthony, 25, has written and starred in two horror films, had a guest role on “All My Children” and created a soap opera Web series with two film production company business partners.



Anthony graduated from Oakwood High School in 2006, from Tyler Junior College in 2008 and received a Bachelor of Art’s in acting in 2010 from Texas State University in San Marcos.

While at Texas State University, he wrote “Homecoming I,” a horror film. Shortly after moving to NYC, he continued the story and wrote “Homecoming II” in a matter of days. The independent films are making the rounds in film festivals.

Anthony starred in his first off-Broadway production “Nobody Heard Me Cry” in 2010. While doing background work for the “All My Children” web series reboot last year, he starred in four episodes.

“I was doing background work and got upgraded. I got to play one of three bullies. I learned during that time that those working on a soap are some of the hardest working in the industry. You work 12- to 14-hour days learning lines you were given the night before and waking up early for 6 a.m. shoots,” Anthony said.



Meeting people in the “business” has lead to connections which helped Anthony and his business partners, Austin native Brandon Polanco and Jennifer Sara Wilmeth, produce “Pride: The Series,” a seven-episode web series.

Anthony conceived the idea of “Pride: The Series,” which is based on relationships between roommates in New York City. Wilmeth and Polanco were brought into the mix early, pulling their team together to write episodes and start production.

“We started shooting in March 2013 when I was filming my part on ‘All My Children’ so it was crazy,” Anthony said. “It’s a story about four people connected by love, blood, sex and friendship going through struggles. I think it’s going to be a moving piece. It does have elements of gay and lesbian lifestyles in it, all walks of life.”

Episodes of “Pride: The Series” air on Tuesdays for $2.99 an episode or with a $25 season pass.

Anthony and Polanco star in the series along with Ashley Mitchell, Adam Andrew Rios, Braden Bradley, Whitney Hoy and Aaron Mathias. Soap opera veteran Ilene Kristen (“Ryan’s Hope,” “One Life to Live” and “Another World) starred in one episode.

“I think people are going to like it. There’s a story for everyone. We filmed all over New York — Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn — and Massachusetts,” Anthony said. “Episodes range from 13 to 22 minutes, so it’s like a 30-minute series without the commercials.”

Anthony said moving to NYC has been freeing creatively.

“It’s great to be able to make your own content that you want to be able to produce. It gives you a lot of freedom. And you get a lot more respect by coming up by doing the hard work. You can create a name for yourself,” Anthony said.

Cheril Vernon is a reporter for the Palestine Herald-Press