Texans searching Google for Chupacabra, 'Can dogs talk?'

Published on Thursday, 22 May 2014 12:32 - Written by

A whimsical analysis of popular Internet search terms by state has turned up some curious results. It appears in a May 19 blog post by Ryan Nickum on the real estate website .

Nickum said he compiled the list in a couple days last week, based upon Google trends.

Texas, partly because of its size, has the most terms and phrases attributed to its residents: 21.

It also has the most questions: Seven. As you might imagine, they are thoughtful, well reasoned queries, such as, "Can dogs talk?" "Does beer make you fat?" "Are dinosaurs real?"

In all fairness to the Lone Star State, two of the questions are really topics with a question mark at the end: "How to cook meth?" "How to sell your soul to the devil?"

These questions and the 14 listed terms aren't necessarily the most searched topics in the state, Nickum said. "They're just Googled by more people in Texas than in other states."

The 14 topics that put Texas out in front last week were: The Bill of Rights, boogers, calf implants, Chupacabra, Curves International (the company), government mind control, Justin Bieber, krunk (mainly a slang term with various definitions), meth recipes, porn, purple drank, rodeo, snake bites and tacos.