Vinyl records back in style; area expo worth taking in

Published on Thursday, 20 February 2014 23:35 - Written by Stewart Smith

Vinyl records are back in style as the music lover’s way of collecting tunes both old and new, making this weekend’s inaugural Vinyl Record and CD Expo an event worth checking out.

George Jones, who runs Tours of Tyler and has organized numerous expos and conventions including the recent Rose City Comic Con, is eager to bring an event like this to town.

“I’ve been trying to model a lot of the things I do on Austin, because they have a lot of the film festivals and comic cons that seem to be really working for that town. I decided to do a record show because they have one of the best. And I thought, ‘Why not?’ There’s interest here, we’ve got places selling vinyl at three or four locations in town and I know a lot of people are collecting them.”

The expo will feature more than 20 vendors selling everything from vinyl records to CDs to cassette tapes to 8-tracks.

“We’ve also got people coming that won’t have a booth, but who will bring their personal collection to take around and trade, kind of like they do at a gun show,” Jones said.

The expo will also feature performances by live bands such as Struck by Hammerz, Joseph Mayo and Core of Silence.

Admission is $4 per person with children age 12 and under free. Food and beverages will also be for sale.

The expo will be held from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, at the Quality Inn Conference Center, 2843 NNW Loop 323 in Tyler. For more information, visit .