VIDEO: Crop circle in Germany attracts many visitors

BERLIN (AP) — Thousands of people are trekking to a Bavarian farmer's field to check out a mysterious set of crop circles. The ornate design was discovered by a balloonist last week and news of the find quickly spread online. Farmer Christoph Huttner, who owns the wheat field near Weilheim, couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday but told…

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VIDEO: Crop circle in Germany attracts many visitors

BERLIN (AP) — Thousands of people are trekking to a Bavarian farmer's field to check out a mysterious set of crop circles. The ornate design was discovered by a balloonist last week and news of the find quickly spread online.…

30 July 2014 [10:53 AM]
VIDEO: Tyler Barber College founder remembered

By CALVIN MAYNARD, When Henry Miller Morgan spread the word about Tyler, he really spread the word far beyond the city. He opened numerous barber colleges in cities throughout the nation, but he named them all after his first —…

30 July 2014 [10:18 AM]
'Southern accent reduction' training cancelled

It’s OK to talk Southern and work at a national lab — after all. Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee has cancelled plans for a “Southern Accent Reduction” class because of objections from lab staff members, some of whom said…

30 July 2014 [09:43 AM]
VIDEO: How to 'Drive Clean Across Texas' year-round

TYLER (KYTX) - TxDOT is launching its Drive Clean Across Texas campaign just in time for the dog days of summer. TxDOT is encouraging all drivers to be more conscious of our air quality as we hit the road this…

30 July 2014 [09:33 AM]
Fresh Ideas for spicy-hot salsa

FRESH by Brookshire’s is getting ready for their annual “Some Like it Hot” festival that celebrates all things spicy. From peppers, to salsa and spicy ingredients from every cuisine, the three-day event will tempt your taste buds with all types…

30 July 2014 [12:54 AM]
Beat the heat with summer drinks

I think we all can agree that we’ve entered into the hottest days of summer. Our cool spring and mild summer has melted faster than an ice cream cone in July. On Saturday, I attended an event in which I…

30 July 2014 [12:49 AM]
Purple Passion - Eggplants: Summer's Royal Harvest

Summer offers a variety of fresh vegetables and one that is often overlooked is the eggplant. Also known as aubergines, their royal color ranges from lavender to deep, dark purple. These beautiful violet vegetables sport a shiny skin and…

30 July 2014 [12:43 AM]
Hot temps again

High pressure aloft over Texas will keep the weather hot today. The high temperature should be near 94 degrees. A cold front will drop to near the Red River this afternoon, where it will stall and start to move back…

30 July 2014 [12:25 AM]
Focal Point: Name Dropping

“I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read and all the friends I want to see.” John Burroughs…

30 July 2014 [12:07 AM]
Helping Hands: Local businesses offer senior discounts

It’s the fresh salad, friendly staff and senior discount that brings Kevin Cooper, 50, to Traditions Restaurant and Catering six days a week. Cooper said he eats at the restaurant at least once a day, for lunch or dinner, but…

29 July 2014 [11:58 PM]
Shattered Lives

I just read a column by Dave Berry, my wife’s cousin and editor for the Tyler Morning Telegraph. It was a personal story about a man and his daughter, who he lost in the Murrah Federal building bombing in 1995.…

29 July 2014 [11:55 PM]
Ryan understands the poor need hope

The fundamental difference between Rep. Paul Ryan, who has proposed new anti-poverty initiatives, and his detractors is one of definitions. Just what is poverty? Ryan sees it as a condition of having no power. His opponents see it as a…

29 July 2014 [11:31 PM]
Annual Literacy Council spelling bee Tuesday

The Literacy Council of Tyler already has broken records this year with its annual fundraiser, the Corporate Spelling Bee. “We are so excited,” Ellen Krafve, director of development, said. “The Spelling Bee committee worked hard to streamline the event and…

29 July 2014 [11:14 PM]
Death and Funeral Notices, July 30

DEATHS EUGENE ABRAHAM SR., 90, Gladewater, died July 24. John R. Harmon Undertaking Co., Tyler. JOYCE ADAMS, Athens, died July 26. Carroll-Lehr Funeral Home, Athens. JIMMIE R. BETHEA, 72, Galveston, died July 25. Crawford-A. Crim Funeral Home, Henderson. PAUL…

29 July 2014 [11:01 PM]
School district invites community to ‘go inside’

Tyler ISD is inviting community members to get an inside look of the district. This fall, the school district will launch Inside Tyler ISD, a program designed to give participants an in-depth look at the district. Covered topics will…

29 July 2014 [10:54 PM]
Public is invited to grand opening

The public is invited to a grand opening event today for the Fair Plaza parking garage downtown. The event is scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. near the pedestrian entrance at the corner of West Elm Street and Broadway…

29 July 2014 [10:35 PM]
Mental health grant in jeopardy

A $130,000 grant to fund more mental health coverage in Smith County could be in jeopardy without up-front money from Smith County. Andrews Center Division Director Valerie Holcomb said the $130,000 federal grant would cover the cost of two full-time…

29 July 2014 [10:29 PM]
Bible Thoughts, July 30

“I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have given me life.” (Psalm 119:93)…

29 July 2014 [10:24 PM]
Winona’s new mayor resigns, says she can’t fix corruption

Winona’s mayor turned in a letter of resignation Monday after less than three months in office. DeDe Stroud was elected to office on May 10, defeating incumbent Rusty Smith, who headed the city for eight years. The city…

29 July 2014 [10:22 PM]
Jury awards Ventura $1.8M in defamation case

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura won $1.8 million Tuesday in his two-year fight to prove he was defamed by a military sniper and best-selling author who claimed to have punched out Ventura at a bar…

29 July 2014 [08:53 PM]
Identity theft expanding with technology

BY KENNETH DEAN Technology allows us to instantly communicate with anyone across a vast area of the globe, surf the Web via our cellphone and bank and shop from the comfort of our home. But as technology has…

29 July 2014 [08:50 PM]
East Texas marijuana fields valued at $175 million

GOODRICH, Texas (AP) — Authorities in East Texas said Tuesday that they have cleared more than two dozen marijuana fields that were discovered over the weekend in the woods and which contained about 100,000 plants worth an estimated $175 million.…

29 July 2014 [08:41 PM]
Reporter's identity stolen

BY KENNETH DEAN The first indication something was wrong was the clerk at a local store saying the debit card had been declined and asking if there was another method of payment for my morning smoothie.  The bank didn’t…

29 July 2014 [07:41 PM]
Oak Ridge lab cancels class designed to reduce Southern accents

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (AP) — Some employees at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee complained about a class aimed at teaching them how to reduce their Southern accents. Now, managers are calling the whole thing off. The course had…

29 July 2014 [04:42 PM]
UPDATE: Woman suspected of counterfeiting identified

UPDATE: The woman has been identified thanks to the help of the public and their tips, Tyler police said late this afternoon. Investigators will be following up with the information provided and the investigation is ongoing. Further details will be…

29 July 2014 [04:41 PM]
VIDEO: Winona mayor submits letter of resignation

WINONA (KYTX) -- Recently-elected Mayor DeDe Stroud submitted her letter of resignation to the city council this week after a rocky couple of months in office. Stroud's resignation will require the council's consideration and, ultimately, come to a vote. Police Chief…

29 July 2014 [04:30 PM]
Texas: Gay-marriage ban best for children

DALLAS (AP) — Texas' ban on same-sex marriage allows the state to promote the birth and upbringing of children in "stable, lasting relationships," the state's attorney general argued Tuesday while asking a federal appeals court to reinstate the ban. Attorney…

29 July 2014 [04:17 PM]